Tevin Reese to play in Fiesta Bowl for Baylor

Updated: December 20, 2013

The 2013 Fiesta Bowl may just get a little more interesting with the return of Baylor wide receiver Tevin Reese who has been cleared to play after his cast was removed today. He suffered a dislocated wrist earlier in the season against Oklahoma and had to watch the offense in action from the bench.  Reese was ready to play with the pain but, was later ruled out of the game as the injury was too severe.  Reese said: “When it first happened, I didn’t think too much of it,”, “I just went down on my wrist; that’s normal pain, a fall-on-the-wrist-type pain. But when I got to the sideline and took my glove off, it was more than that.”

The senior receiver is excited to play his last game in a Baylor uniform and will surely make an impact for the team. Reese was having a stellar season before the injury.  In only seven games played this season, he caught 33 passes for 824 yards and eight touchdowns.   He caught for more than 100 yards in five of his seven games and a season high 194 receiving yards against the Kansas State Wildcats.

The Baylor Bears are set to face the Central Florida Knights have been one of the most surprising teams this season due to in large part by the play of their defense. Nevertheless, the Knights have yet to face the Baylor offense which finished 1st in the nation in points per game averaging 53.3 points per game.


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