Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks Preview

Updated: January 5, 2013

At this point of the season, I did see the Celtics being in this bad position. I mean they have a good lineup with a solid bench. Age is starting to look like an issue, especially for Paul Pierce who consistently finds himself on his knees thanks guarding faster opponents  The Celtics are just not playing smart and sound basketball. However, the did play well and thrashed the Indiana Pacers. However, I am not sure if one game can create a spark but, it something. The Celtics can play excellent defense and at times, they seem like old men just giving wide open shots. This team is capable of more and I would not be surprised that this team starts a run.

The Atlanta Hawks are on the surprising teams in the NBA this season. They are young and fast and the team chemistry seems to be developing every game. The offense at times struggles to score but , their defense is an asset as the hawks are 7th in the NBA allowing 95.3 points per game. They have also played well at home and look to rebound from a loss on the road to the lowly Detroit Pistons. However, this history between these two teams favors the Boston Celtics as they have always had the hawk’s number.

This game can easily go both ways, the Celtics can pull of the road win or the the Hawks will blow out Rondo and company.

Very Hard but, Take Boston Celtics +4.5

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