Milawaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers Preview

Updated: January 5, 2013

The Milwaukee Bucks will be visiting the Indiana Pacers on Saturday Night. The pacers are back home after a horrible performance against the Boston Celtics. They did not shoot the ball well after consistent performances by this squad with their star Danny Granger who is close to returning and helping this team. Defensively, Indiana has been great all season and it as allowed to win games. However, their problems lie in their offence which is the second worse offense in the league. They are averaging only 91 points per game and tend to struggle against good defenses.

On the other hand, The bucks are coming off a loss to the Houston Rockets and have lost 3 straight after embarrassing the Miami heat. The bucks lack offensive weapons as Jennings and Ellis are the only two players who can really take over and change the momentum of a basketball game. The bucks will have a hard time scoring against the Pacers on the road and I fear the Bucks are going leave Indiana with a 4 game losing streak.

Take Indiana Pacers -4.5


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