March 20, 2023



At the Gent Six Day, Ethan Hayter recorded his “highest heart rate ever”

At the Gent Six Day, Ethan Hayter recorded his "highest heart rate ever"


Although the Gent Six Day is known for its festive atmosphere, Ethan Hayter has debunked the myth that the race is any less competitive than the top levels of track and road.

The British cyclist said his heart had never had to beat so quickly following the fourth night of action at the world-famous ‘t Kuipke velodrome in Gent.

Hayter told Sporza on live TV, “No, it’s absolutely not relaxing”.

Ethan Hayter


Three nights in a row, my heart rate was the highest it’s ever been, so we’re at top speed now.
British time trial champion and track world champion Hayter is training with fellow Londoner Fred Wright for the Gent Six Day.

He claims to be here “for the experience,” but that’s not all he has in mind. Hayter hopes to end his run of disappointing finishes in the Madison at big championships, and this intense training is helping him do just that.

The 24-year-old athlete took home bronze at the 2018 European Championships, silver in the 2021 Olympics, and silver once again at this year’s Track World Championships. The Gent Six Day’s partnered format is useful for training, but on a narrower course with more variable conditions.


He said, “It’s interesting to think about the varied approaches. You ride differently to a World Championship. I’m really loving the challenge.”

“The style is quite different but you can absolutely learn something. In the Madison, I’ve been 2nd in the Olympics and Worlds and I’ll want to win one time. I’m learning some things every day and maybe I can carry that into the major races.”

Hayter and Wright’s ambitions were dashed in the opening night collision, and now they’re in sixth position with 127 points, four laps and 110 points behind the leaders Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys.

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Their former cycling club is sending a huge contingent from London to Gent for the weekend’s race, so even if they won’t win when it’s all said and done on Sunday night, they’re going to have a good time watching the action.

As Hayter put it, “it’s pretty wonderful to be on the other side of the track.” “I’d never raced here but came to watch one time when I was 14 or 15,” Hayter added.

“Hopefully we can put on a fantastic concert for the many individuals we know who will be there.”