March 20, 2023



Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz are calling for action as a Polish lawmaker has accused the head of the Polish tennis federation of abusing her while she was a junior player

Polish MP Iga Swiatek has accused the Polish tennis president, Hubert Hurkacz, of abusing her while she was a junior


OKBET allsports – Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz have requested more inquiry into the charges of long-term abuse made against Mirosaw Skrzypczynski, president of the Polish tennis organization. These allegations were originally reported by the Polish website Onet.

Prior to this, the journal had anonymously reported about sexual assault of juniors by Skrzypczynski, prompting the latter to demand the identities of the accusers. At this time, it has highlighted Katarzyna Kotula, a Polish lawmaker, as having come forward.

Iga Swiatek


She remarked, “If Mirosaw Skrzypczynski wants names, I am not frightened to speak out.”

Kotula, a former junior player, said she was “sexually abused a dozen times throughout three years” as a 13-year-old and gave a comprehensive explanation of the abuse and past conduct, adding that it seems similar instances occurred to other young players as well.

According to the national press, Skrzypczynski called the claims “unfounded” in Polish.

WTA No. 1 and Polish native Swiatek released a long statement emphasizing the need to help victims of abuse.

“I believe that as a contemporary leader of women’s tennis I can’t stay quiet about specific problems,” she added, referring to the accusations.

Because of this, I take the news reports regarding the head of the Polish Tennis Federation quite seriously.

Hubert Hurkacz

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The 21-year-old also demanded that tennis officials do more to improve the sport.

What occurred, she said, should be investigated by the appropriate authorities.

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Hurkacz, a fellow professional and countryman, published a statement in opposition to coaches’ or parents’ misuse of power over their players. He also urged authorities to intervene.

Hurkacz, ranked 10th on the ATP, stated, “I hope the right authorities will react.” Tennis in Poland is governed by the Polish Tennis Federation, which is an ITF member.